Celebrate Kidz

Join us for a fun-filled Children's Service!  Ages 0 - 5th Grade are invited.

To help keep your children safe, we implement a check-in and check-out system here at CLC.  Our Check-In starts at 9:45am (15 min. before the start of service) and will stay open until 10:15am (15 min. after service has started).  During this thirty-minute period, we invite you to check-in your child to our Sunday School and take a look at their classroom.

Immediately after service, your child will be available for check-out at their classroom.

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Our Classes

After securely checking in your child at our Check-In Table, they will belong in one of the three following classes.


Our Nursery is for children 0-3 years old.  We supply them with toys and a caring environment that is fun for everyone!  Diapers will be changed in this room unless you request otherwise.  This classroom is also nearest our sanctuary to help ease your mind.  Feel free to pop your head in to see how your young one is doing!  

Preschool - Kindergarten

Our Pre-K class is for children who are currently in a Preschool or Kindergarten class.  During your child's time here, they will have a lot of time to play and make new friends, but we also want them to learn!  There will be a short lesson taught and a game or craft associated with it. We also ask that these children are potty-trained or they will need to stay in the Nursery classroom.  

Celebrate Kidz

Our Kidz class is for children in 1st - 5th Grade.  During their time with us they will learn a Bible lesson and have a game or craft that is associated with it.  They will also have time to play and make new friends, but their lesson will be more in-depth than what is taught in our Pre-K class.